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Over the past week I have celebrated two events. The first was my daughter’s 39th birthday which I celebrated with a special lunch with her and her husband down on the Viaduct Basin in Auckland. I was able to enjoy my very favourite food – raw oysters. These are such a big treat for me. No matter how off my food I am I can always eat raw oysters. It was also such a lovely sunny day – my daughter tells me her birthdays are always warm sunny days no matter what the weather is on the days before and after her birthday. This year’s birthday was no exception.


The second cause for celebration is that my first weekly session of chemotherapy of paclitaxel the following day went without incident. No adverse reactions. It took three hours as they proceed very slowly and very cautiously for the first two sessions due to the fact that one in four people experience an adverse reaction to paclitaxel infusions. Most are mild, but non-the-less I was very anxious. I wore my special “I survived PEXG” t-sheet to give me extra courage.

I also had three supporters with me for the whole time. It wasn’t till the infusion was almost complete that I remembered that I had forgotten to ask one of my team to fulfil one very important task! Should I experience an adverse reaction, and once the situation was under control, I wanted one of them to go back and ensure the others having chemotherapy in the same room I was in that I was okay. By the time I remembered this, I had passed the test.

I am now home and feeling just fine. I had a fortified smoothie for dinner followed by a good night’s sleep. If I can just ignore the results of the American election, life is looking pretty good right now.

I’ve also just added a new photo of me with my eldest son and daughter-in-law at the evening with Ben Goldacre to the blog post that I wrote about some weeks ago:

An evening with Ben Goldacre