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I woke this morning feeling much better. Isn’t that just the way? The day of your appointment with the doctor arrives and you realise that you are feeling much better. And today I am definitely starting to feel a bit more like my old self.

My eldest son listened as I moaned to Dr S about how bad I felt last week and described all my symptoms. Dr S asked about other symptoms such as nausea, mouth ulcers, blisters on hands and feet, etc, none of which I had. Then he explained that I can expect to have a bad week following my chemo marathons and then expect to start feeling better the second week.

So the chemo dance for me goes something like this. I get flooded with toxic drugs, my body goes into shock for a day or two afterwards, I spend the next week slowly losing the will to live, then five or six days before the next chemo marathon I start feeling much better, and want more time.

Off we went to the hospital pharmacy for more drugs, and bottles and bottles of liquid paracetamol. I had asked Dr S for a prescription for liquid paracetamol since I was having such a hard time swallowing pills.

So today I can face the chemo dance.