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On Friday 18 March my resignation from the Maternity Services Consumer Council (MSCC) took effect. Over the following weekend the MSCC office was shifted into its new office space in Waipareira Avenue in Henderson. As I have worked as co-ordinator for the MSCC for nearly 25 years this was a significant day for me. However, I leave knowing that the list of things I wished to have completed before my departure has been done, and that the organisation has become a force to be reckoned with in terms of providing information to women about their birthing choices via our leaflets and website articles, etc, information that their doctors often don’t give them.

I am very appreciative of all the support and encouragement I have had from so many people over the years, including all those who were members of the MSCC Steering Group, those who worked alongside of me doing most of the MSCC’s financial and administrative tasks, thus freeing me up to writing a never-ending list of leaflets. It turns out that “Choosing Where to Labour and Birth” was the final leaflet I would write and it is leaflet I am very proud of. I hope that it will encourage women to push for change and realise that giving birth in high tech maternity hospitals interferes with the important hormonal processes of labour and birth and can have significant short and long term consequences for them and their babies. The revolution to reclaim birth is long overdue, and the rising rates of caesarean sections throughout the world are having a hugely negative impact on how we live, love and socialise.

Over the next few months, I plan to focus on my work for the Auckland Women’s Health Council.