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The hospice team visited me on Tuesday and we discussed options. Their first and preferred option was to admit me to the hospice for 4 – 5 days to sort out my pain management issues and to rehydrate me. But I want to try something else first – as over the weekend I started to realise that increasing the dose of quick release morphine pills was beginning to work. After a discussion of my experience over the weekend, my preferred option is to increase the dose of both quick and slow release morphine pills, and double the amount of Sativex I am having. I am going to keep the admission to the hospice as my back-up plan. And there are also a couple of other more intrusive options involving a brief admission to hospital – hospital not hospice – that I have for further down the track.

And on a more optimistic note, the three of us share the opinion that the events of the past couple of weeks are not the beginning of the end, although for me there have been times lately when it has felt like it.