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Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Health Activist now Health Consumer
On 9 October 2015, following a CT scan, I was confronted with the fact that I had pancreatic cancer and that it had spread. Although I knew very little about pancreatic cancer, I knew enough to know that I had just received a death sentence. I really had no other option but to begin my dance with Mr D. I have decided to write about what is happening to me as a way of processing the awful truth that my life is about to end, and also to help my family and friends share the journey with me in whatever way they choose.

About Me

I am 65 years old, the mother of 5 children and the grandmother of 6 grandchildren. I was fortunate enough to find my work in the world in my late 20s, and for over 35 years I have worked in the women’s health community as a women’s health activist. I believe there is still a great deal to be done to improve the very complex health system that we now have, and I was looking forward to another decade or two of working on it. However, this is not to be.

Latest Posts

My last submission

Last week I spent a considerable amount of time working on a submission. This time it was my own personal submission. The Auckland Women’s Health Council’s new co-ordinator was also busy working on her first submission for the AWHC on the same consultation document –... read more

Four trees

Over the Easter break the family gathered together at my son’s home for a shared lunch followed by the planting of four trees. The previous weekend he and I had been to a tree nursery and bought a large kauri tree, a large pohutukawa tree and two smaller pohutukawa... read more

Pain relief

Over the past few weeks I have had an increasing amount of break through pain. At first I wondered if I was imagining it, but after a couple of weeks I realised I was not. After my body adjusted to the low dose of morphine tablets I began taking in October last year,... read more