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On Sunday my family came for lunch, bringing food and bubbly and their love to celebrate the fact that one year post diagnosis I am still here, and looking good. The grandchildren brought their beautiful handmade cards and little bunches of flowers. As a wonderful friend had visited the day before with a huge variety of flowers for me in recognition of this milestone, my lounge was filled with flowers and love. It was a very special day.

I thought about the contrast between the trauma of the diagnosis and then trying to work out how to tell my children the dreadful news on 9 October last year, with where we all are now. I am incredibly appreciative of all the love and support I have received from family and friends. The twelve months since then has had numerous ups and downs, and we have all learned lots, shared lots, and come through it together. Given the circumstances, the past year has increasingly felt like a gift.

Of course, my family being my family, we didn’t shy away from discussing more serious stuff, like my new will. After a similar family gathering at the end of August which I called to discuss the drawing up of a new will, I had completed the legal side of things and sent copies of my new will to my five children. So there was a brief discussion of that and then what feels to me like the next hurdle – the CT scan scheduled for Thursday of this week. I warned my family that although I now have my pain temporarily under control I was not expecting good news.

We then talked about the next family events that we have planned, including my youngest granddaughter’s 5th birthday in November. Still so much to look forward to!