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So my son and I rock on up to the Domain Lodge, arriving on the dot of 10am. We then spend 30 minutes waiting in the room where the chemotherapy information session is due to take place. It turned out that the letter was correct and the nurse was just ensuring that we got there early!

This is the second time this has happened. The letter from North Shore Hospital about my biopsy appointment said the appointment time was 10.15am. A few days prior to the appointment I got a phone call reminding me of the appointment which I was told was actually 9.45am. When we arrived – on the dot of 9.45am – we discovered that the letter was correct and the person who had phoned me was just ensuring we got there early! What my son overheard while waiting in the waiting room while I was having the biopsy, and what these disrespectful people at North Shore hospital didn’t realise was that some people make a point of arriving 20 minutes or more before their scheduled appointment so they don’t keep anybody waiting, only to find themselves waiting for nearly an hour before being seen!

On both occasions two of my sons took time off work to accompany me to these appointments which meant wasted time for them as well as me. These blatant lies about the actual scheduled time of appointments are completely unacceptable. This is about hospital routines without a thought for the patients and their support people. Shame on both DHBs!

They should all be required to read Eric Topol’s latest book “The Patient Will See You Now.