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Shortly after Lynda died on Thursday the 6th of July, a major thunderstorm rolled in that rocked Auckland for the rest of the day. As her son-in-law Joseph was tucking his kids in that night, both frightened by the storm, he muttered “Move along Lynda, please!”. But it rained heavily for days.

Monday, however, was a glorious sunny winters day. The funeral at Landsendt in Oratia was beautiful, the speeches were fantastic, and the weather held for the most part.

It was a fitting send off for Lynda. She would have loved it.

If anyone has any other nice photos, please email them through to me and I’ll add them below.

And please, feel free to add a comment to the board below – whether you were there or not.

The wreath made from foliage from McEntee Road, with a message from each grandchild

The Grandkids