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It’s eldest son Luke here with an update on Mum’s condition.

It has now been 2 weeks since Mum left the hospice and came home. The hospice staff did a great job in sorting out her meds, so she has been pain free for the past few weeks. While she is fairly comfortable in her new downstairs bedroom with heat-pump and fancy pneumatic bed, unfortunately her appetite has not returned.

Her support team realised that round the clock care is now required, so we’ve been ensuring there is someone here at all times. And in the past few days we’ve also enlisted a professional carer (carefully selected by Mum) to help out.

Mum has had some really great days over the past few weeks, particularly last Thursday when she had Ruth, Betsy and Barbara here reminiscing over old times. It was a clear winters day, and her new bedroom was bathed in morning sunshine while she was surrounded by friends, family, conversations and birdsong. It is clear she is still able to have a high quality of life at the end, thanks to her wonderful network of friends & family.