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Nearly four weeks after my 10th chemotherapy session and I am feeling so much better. My mouth ulcers have healed and my whole gastrointestinal tract has lost its hostility and painfully prickly feel. My appetite has returned, although I have to regain the sense of taste I had before I started chemotherapy. However, I think it is getting better, albeit very slowly.

It is also just grand to be off the fortnightly chemotherapy cycle and not having it dominate how I live my life. Over the past week I have been able to enjoy meals out and home cooking with friends and family. For example, I loved the dates scones made by and bought out to me by a retired gynaecologist when he came to visit me last week. He also bought good news about the book he has written on his time at National Women’s Hospital. It is now looking hopeful that it will be published and I will get to read it before I die. As it’s one of the few things on my bucket list it is a high priority for me, and part of my wanting to learn the outcomes of issues I have been involved with over the past few decades.