Follow-up appointment at North Shore hospital

On Friday 26 August I turned up at North Shore hospital for my routine follow-up appointment – the one I had postponed twice. It wasn’t long before my name was called and a nice young doctor with a cheerful smile welcomed me into the little consultation room. Of course, I had not met him before so I wondered how much he knew about me and my other major health problem. For him it was just a routine appointment following the surgery on 20 July to remove the cyst. For me it was far from routine, and in my unreasonableness I wanted to see someone familiar, someone who knew how desperate I was for an end to the constant dressing changes and why it was such a major issue. I was also horrified to learn that he did not know that I had turned up at ED at North Shore Hospital on 30 July and had a couple of stitches removed and the wound opened up.

I am still having dressing changes every other day and each time I think it will soon be completely healed there has been yet another setback. I told the nice young man (who in answer to my question had told me he was a registrar) that I wanted to see Dr H. the surgeon who had performed the surgery. He checked the wound and then offered to get Dr H. After a bit of a wait Dr H. appeared and looked at the wound and said it was healing nicely. He described what he had found during the operation, and assured me the wound would be completely healed in a couple of weeks or so. I was far from convinced and drove home feeling really tired and a tad depressed at how the health system still has me on such a short leash.