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My eighth chemotherapy session on Thursday 17 March passed without incident. At the appointment with Dr S on the preceding Tuesday I learned that the pancreatic cancer biomarker (CA 19-9) had reduced from 4,890 to 4,400. I also asked about my haemoglobin blood test result as it has been suggested at the previous chemotherapy session that it was low and a blood transfusion was recommended. The result that Dr S had in front of him on Tuesday – 96 – was from almost two weeks ago. When I had another blood test a day later, the day before my eighth chemo session, it had dropped further to 90.

I know I am in the worst of the post-chemo phase now, but I am very reluctant to have a blood transfusion. I am so over needles. Even turning up for my weekly blood tests is a mission in itself. However, I have so few choices that I can’t rule it out completely. I am not excessively tired or breathless, so I will wait and see.