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Yippee! I’m dancing a little jig! Now it’s a virtual cartwheel! It’s unexpectedly good news. In fact, given the circumstances it’s quite miraculous.

After a fairly rough week I was not expecting very good news. But in response to the first question on my list Dr S told me that the pancreatic cancer biomarker (CA19-9) had reduced further from 7040 to 4890, and the other blood test results were in the normal range for someone on chemotherapy.

Then came the answer to the biggest and most scary question on my list – the results of the CT scan I had last Wednesday. The tumours have shrunk, and by more than 30%. This is known as a partial response and occurs in only 10 – 20% of people with my form of pancreatic cancer. Dr S showed us the images of both the November CT scan and last week’s one on his computer – us being my eldest son, my ex-husband and me – and pointed out how the tumours in the omentum have also shrunk, making it less bulky than it was over three months ago.

So I will be rocking on up for another chemotherapy session on Thursday. I am going to get my year and a bit, and this wasn’t my last summer! Amazing!

Yippee!! Another little jig and another virtual cartwheel!