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My fourth CT scan resulted in some good news. It revealed that the pancreatic tumours had not grown in size and had not spread any further. My last blood test showed that the pancreatic cancer biomarker (CA19-9) had reduced even further and was now down to 2030. Dr S. used the word stabilised and when I showed him the graph of my CA19-9 biomarker results my GP had produced and printed for me, he suggested I frame it. It has mirrored the results of the CT scans I had had over the past six months.

He recommended I make the most of the next couple of months which will not include repeated visits to the oncology clinic or fortnightly visits to the chemotherapy day stay unit. He said he would review me at the end of July and hoped to see me looking as good as I do now.

He then took a photo of me in my “I survived PEXG” t-shirt.

I told him my family had planned to tick one of the things off my bucket list over Queens Birthday weekend and we would all be spending three days at the chateau.

Yippee! Time for another little jig! And a virtual cartwheel! I am definitely going to get my year!