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As I expected the biopsy result has confirmed the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. No doubt, and no hope. I confess to having briefly indulged in a fantasy of a different scenario where I was an ovarian cancer patient with other options and more time. But I knew it was just that – a fantasy.

At the end of last week a letter arrived advising me of the appointment on Tuesday 17 November to attend an “orientation to chemotherapy” at the Domain Lodge in Grafton. Just as well I rang to confirm that I would be attending the two-hour session as the letter said 10.30am but the nurse insisted it was 10am. With four drugs to discuss I will need plenty of time.

I also hope to meet another pancreatic cancer patient there, so I can compare symptoms. The increasing lower abdominal discomfort and sharp twinges of pain puzzle me. I didn’t know that having cancer would hurt like this. Or maybe this is something specific to pancreatic cancer?