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This year’s Christmas meal took place at my third’s son newly extended and renovated home just round the corner from me. It was great to be there with the whole family and to celebrate us having made it through a very difficult year.

It is also a real treat to be invited back to Pukehina beach to see the new year in as I have done – thanks to my friend and her partner – for a number of years. It is always a wonderful time of reading, sleeping and eating, and in anticipation of having a three week break from my Friday chemotherapy sessions, I hope to be able to start to enjoy eating again.

On 4 January the whole family is getting together at a large bach at Whangamata. for five days. It is big enough to sleep all 14 of us. My children have become very adept at finding places that will accommodate us all.

When I return I will have some difficult decisions to make regarding whether I will resume chemotherapy. But until then I intend to forget all about it.

Update: some new photos

Grandkids water fight