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Last night was a real treat. Along with my eldest son and his wife I attended the Auckland evening with Ben Goldacre, author of “Bad Science” and “Bad Pharma.” There’s also another book on the way – on statins.

I doubt that I have ever met anybody who can talk as fast as that man. And he sure managed to cover an awful lot of scientific and medical information in the couple of hours we had of listening to him talk, then be interviewed, and finally answer questions.

The Mercury Theatre was packed. And he gave us all a highly entertaining, evidence-based tiki tour of exactly how science and the pharmaceutical industry have let us down, and what we can do about it. Join the AllTrials campaign for a start! It’s one of Ben Goldacre’s international initiatives –

I have been a big fan of Ben Goldacre since I read his first book, “Bad Science,” five or six years ago. And I was one of hundreds who registered to attend his lecture at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival a couple of years ago, and was so disappointed when he didn’t make it. His wife was having an extremely hard time with morning sickness so he elected to stay in the UK and look after her. So of course I forgave him and thought how wonderful he was to do that, given the pressure he must have been under to show up on the other side of the world despite his wife being pregnant and very sick.

The cherry on the rich cake that was last night was having my photo taken with him!