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Last Monday I was admitted to the West Auckland hospice in order to get the nausea and pain medication sorted out. It was so much quicker doing it in hospice. By the end of the week we were making plans for my discharge back home which occurred very smoothly. Over the previous few days my children had drawn up a spreadsheet sheet for family and friends who wanted to be on the care roster. The hospice staff were very impressed with how it all went and asked to have a copy of it as a guide for others. My first night at home went well and I quickly adapted to all the bird songs that surround me first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Looking back, I think it would have been best to come in to the hospice earlier than I did, but I am inclined to be rather stubborn and this was another example of my being stubborn rather than sensible.

And this week I have a very important event on my calendar – an Inaugural Lecture to attend which I am very much looking forward to.